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“Along the river Seine towards a triumphant sunset ...” (part I)


(Part I)

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Friday, 15th of March 2013 (Paris, France)

It must be now around seven o'clock as the sound of rubbish collectors brought me out from the world of dreams to the presence of the new day.
I can see yet another sunny morning sneaking in through the skylight.
By now I was an expert in climbing up and down the ladder. Going up ... left foot first all the way up and going down ... left foot first and than change to the right for the rest of the journey.

At eight o'clock, with the sun parading by now in its full glory, my nose detected a smell of yummy food crawling in through the invisible gap under my door. I wondered who was cooking this delicious dinner dish at this early hour on a week day. I was very tempted to follow my nose and knock on their door, but I managed to restrain myself.



Having completed my morning routine it was time to venture out.

                                             Do you remember Bistrot Smiley from yesterday?

The energy of today felt perfect for a batobus cruise along the river Seine.

Armed with a croissant, choquette and brioche a tete (you know where from) I walked right into my cafe for a morning shot of espresso.

                                                 Cafe “La Tour D'Auvergne” (Rue des Martyrs)

With a “Le Parisien” in my hand I looked just like a local when catching the metro at Place Pigalle.

I decided to start with the Tour Eiffel.

After alighting at the “Champ de Mars” it was very easy to spot the target.

The queues were already huge, the temperature low, so I had no problem making a decision. Rather than wasting my time in a queue to view Paris from the top I much preferred to invest those precious moments trotting around on the ground.


There was a pond with colourful ducks, the birds singing in the trees and the early blooms surrounded by the disappearing snow.











Having taken enough photos it was time for a warm up ... my first hot chocolate!

The hot chocolate was fantastic, but the service was very different - aimed at tourists from around the world.

It felt as if I was attended by a crow rather than a chirpy sparrow - my experience from the local cafes visited so far. Though the waiter was polite he could definitely benefit from a glass of cognac to warm up his approach.




With a batobus ticket in my hand I waited to embark on my cruising adventure.

Clicking right, left and centre my camera must have felt exhausted on this otherwise relaxing journey along the river Seine.


This day I took nearly seven hundred photos leaving less time for other things to happen. Hence there are less words and more pictures ... today's story, will be divided into three parts.



As you may have guessed ... Google blog can not handle too many photos in one go.








We were now approaching the famous Notre Dame.


As the batobus pulled to the bank, I decided to step out onto the land to take a closer look at the cathedral and give my legs something to do.

(to be continued in two weeks)

Photography by Olga Kulanowska


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