Monday, 4 November 2013

“Strolling under the blue skies ...” (part I)


(Part I)  Please scroll slowly or refresh the screen if photos do not appear.

Wednesday, 13th of March 2013 (Paris, France)

While watching my second sunrise in Paris with the doona pulled up to my ears I was reflecting on the events of the day gone by.


I have to admit that I felt somewhat let down by the universe.
I was almost certain that Piaf's museum was the most likely place to shed some light on my emotional connection with this great singer. Unfortunately, apart from the fact that she actually lived in this particular apartment for about a year which I hadn't been aware, there was nothing that would lead me towards this long awaited “aha!” moment.

I was even contemplating on the possibility (or rather luck) to return to the museum, but in the end I decided to entrust higher energies and let it be.

Tempted by dew on the skylight I was moved to write “Edith Piaf” on the glass without expecting it to be projected as a shadow by the amazing brightness of a rising sun.

It was time to get up!

After a brief prayer to Madonna*, followed by a bathtub romance with Serge Gainsborough and cheese platter with a crusty bread I was ready to stroll under the blue skies awaiting me so patiently.

* The easiest way to come down the ladder was to go down on my knees between the bed and edge of the floor before taking the first step. While on my knees I realised that I was facing a Madonna statue standing on a wooden cupboard next to my bed. Well, with me on my knees at Madonna's feet it was impossible not to ask for her blessing.



Sacré Cœur sounded perfect on a day like this, but first things first ... (I know my priorities)

After stocking up on some goodies from my favourite “Landemaine” patisserie* across the road I was ready for my morning espresso at the previously befriended cafe “La Tour d'Auvergne”. *(see link at the end)

The temperature was still well into minus, turning slosh to ice and I really had to watch my step or be prepared to “catch a rabbit” (fall) as we used to say in Poland.

        One of my favourite shops ...
        Les Papilles Gourmandes at 26 Rue des Martyrs
        (see link at the end)

Shop vendors were doing their best to make the footpath safe.

At times pushing a car by the helpful locals and passers by wasn't enough to get it going and ice needed to be literally cracked.

Seafood shop staff (across from the cafe “La Tour d'Auvergne”) helping out a stranded car using whatever they had to crack the icy surface.


With a lingering taste of coffee, summer's sky above and white winter's quilt below I was looking forward to yet another “memory lane” walk preserved not only in my thoughts, but also with a sketch of my profile.

Sharing my stroll with you ... “Sous le ciel de Paris” (see link at the end)


                                                            Spot a cat on a warm lamp.

           This dog's ego was too big to fit into one photo.

                                                        Église St. Pierre de Montmartre ...


It appeared that this sweet doggy knows and it is known by everyone around here.

His owner (a distinguished gentleman) was very kind and patient with me trying to take a photo of his four legged friend.


It was time for my second espresso.


Unknowingly I was led to the same cafe as the earlier mentioned gentleman and his dog. It felt like he was a regular here as I watched him and his doggy disappear into the depths of the premises away from the public eye.


                                                                     Where to now ... ?


I remembered that a lady from a jewellery store suggested a visit to Marais near St. Paul station.

                                             Snow ball attack ...

On the way to the metro, I bought a very yummy tarte aux légumes avec du fromage de chèvre (a vegetable tart with goat cheese) complemented by a lovely chat with the lady that served me.
Having satisfied my hunger, I was ready for the next stage of my adventure.

                                                        (to be continued in two weeks ...)

Links to ...

"Landemaine" patisserie, Rue de Martyrs
"Les Papilles Gourmande"s at 26 Rue des Martyrs

Photography by Olga Kulanowska