Monday, 3 March 2014

“Along the river Seine towards a triumphant sunset ...” (part III)

(Part III)

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Friday, 15th of March 2013 (Paris, France)

I was approximately half way into my cruising adventure from the Tour Eiffel to Champs-Élysées. So far I have passed by the Musee d'Orsey, St. Germaine des Pres, stopped at Notre Dame and now I am on my way to complete the rest of an almost circular voyage via the Jardin des Planties, Hotel de Ville and Louvre.

          A lovely willow washing her hair.

Behaving like a typical tourist, my camera was overworked capturing different angles of so many eye-catching attractions.

Being on the move, one had to be quick while taking photos as the objects were not going to wait. My attitude was ... don't fuss, keep on shooting and hope for the best!



We were approaching the Pont de l'Alma as I watched the last rays of sun lighten up a blue sky and brushing over golden ornaments just in time to amplify their glitz captured on my photos ... a beautiful ending to my Batobus journey.




While taking a photo of the Pont de l'Alma, I was blessed with a scene of a passionate kiss - only spotted a few weeks later to my surprise.

I was actually unknowingly taking a photo of someone taking a photo of the kissing couple without a kissing couple's knowledge – a series of accidental shootings.

The moral of this story ...
  1. look at every detail in your photo and
  2. beware when you kiss ... technology is all around you!

On the way to Avenue des Champs-Élysées I passed by the Avenue Montaigne filled with designer stores showering passers-by with the feeling of “grandeur” of the rich and famous. (no photos taken ... sorry!)


As I reached my destination I decided that it was time for a warm up.
A corner store with a cafe grabbed my attention as it seemed rather busy.

As I entered the foyer I could see a shop area filled with customers and a long queue to the cafe. It must have been a trendy place made famous by who knows who - but in my opinion not worth the wait*.

Paris is not short on cafes ... and so after taking one discrete shot of the shop area I left to find another spot.

 *While writing this story I googled the store's name to discover that this is a famous place for the macaroons recommended to me by my client ... (see the link below) Too late now!
I didn't have to look very far as the waiters dressed like sailors just next door looked like fun ... a very good marketing plot to attract women!

Not so long ago I was on the boat without sailors (in uniform) and now I have sailors without the boat ... I guess anything to help me with cruising around Paris.

Sipping my espresso and absorbing the warmth from the nearby heater, I amused myself by observing other people in the cafe (ok ... the sailors too) and those passing by on the outside.

Having a clear view of Arc de Triomphe I decided to try my luck the second time around.


The place was not only open, but to my surprise the ticket queue was no more than fifteen persons long. One could not miss this rare opportunity.

Dusk was on its way and the ceremonial fire was blown in all directions by the mischievous wind while I was waiting to begin my climb on the stairway to heaven ... or close enough.

A ceremony to acknowledge the fallen soldiers ... ( I hope that I didn't catch a “man in the uniform attraction” flue in this minus degree temperature)

Stairway after stairway ...


The sunset was spectacular, but my camera had difficulty in capturing the exact intensity of the colours ... though I did learn that the colours captured do change with the shooting angle of the camera. As you can see I am still learning how to use my digital gadget, with a film camera on stand by carried in my bag ... just in case.


After taking enough photos I was ready to go down, but a school excursion group had beaten me to it - hijacking the way out and delaying my descent back to earth.

As it turned out it was a blessing in disguise, as barely a minute later the Tour Eiffel lit up to the excitement of everyone around.


However the best was yet to come ...


Now, back on the ground I was greeted by the golden arch against a royal blue sky.


The photos may feel surreal, but they reflect perfectly the colours witnessed by my eyes. It was a truly amazing experience ... being at the right place at the right time             (7.27 pm to be precise)!


As the day was nearing the end I was ready to return home, but not without a bite to eat and a glass of wine.

Tonight I picked Fuxia, an Italian restaurant two doors away from my apartment.
The place felt friendly and the menu looked good.


I chose a brochette with goat cheese and salmon as I didn't feel very hungry, but to my surprise the dish was much bigger than expected and a “doggy bag” was required.

It was 10.20 pm when I tossed my heat packs onto the bed, climbed the ladder and pulled the quilt up to my chin. Before falling into a deep sleep I let my eyes take one more glance at the Parisian sky .

See you on Saturday morning ...

Dors bien! ... (sleep well)

Link to ...
"Laduree" ... (Maison de Macarons)

Photography by Olga Kulanowska