Wednesday, 4 December 2013

"Parisian dogs ..."


March 2013 (Paris, France)
Dogs to the rescue!
Unfortunately, the story about my 4th day in Paris will be released a month later on the 5th of January 2014.
Please accept my sincere apologies for the delay in sharing my birthday cake with you and I hope not to disappoint you when it finally arrives.
In interim, take a walk with a Parisian dog ...




This dog's ego was too big to fit into one photo.



                                         Please, can you tell my mum to stop taking the photos!



Sunday market on Rue des Martyrs ...











                                  Please, hurry up! 


Meet Gypsy ...

                                       I managed to get the cap off, but there is nothing inside!
     Oh well ...

See you soon ...

Photography by Olga Kulanowska

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